The Team



From our hearts to yours, our team is dedicated to touching lives with products that can truly make a difference. We are sworn and devoted to bringing the highest possible quality result driven formulations straight to your door. From the very start, our goal was to change the landscape of the industry. Our goal was the Delizioso goal, a healthy lifestyle and approach 

Discover the people which spend their lives on a daily basis to bring these formulations to you, the unique stories, and the great intentions. 


Ariel + Leeona Emerald:

We started to formulate skincare in our mom's (Dr. M. Emerald's) laboratory in 2008. Our goal from the very start was to make a difference. We wanted to create a line that was truly 100% natural, water free, raw, fresh, truly artisan. When researching products on the market and discovering about all the "green washing", harmful chemicals and undisclosed ingredients we set out on a journey, a journey of discovery and creation. From the small amount of inventory we had, we began to create, research and test as a team. We are proud to say that we fully devoted our heart and souls to this journey. Everything we created, we did in house from scratch...And everything had to meet the standards of luxury and natural...Without compromising quality or performance. We truly hope that you enjoy the products and join us on our journey to wellness, purity, honesty and teamwork.