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Our products are formulated to last between 6-12 months after opening the product for ultimate freshness. We recommend opening the products within the first 6 months of receiving the freshly crafted luxurious product. Some products will last 12> months (soaps, oils etc.) so please check the product description or label to see the exact time.
The best place to keep your products is away from sunlight, in a cool area.
Except for Beeseline Original and our Honey Mask, our full collection is vegan. The honey that is used in those products comes from a locally sourced ethical flower farm that honors the health of their bees.
We have some products that are especially made to use during pregnancy listed under our MORE>BABY section!
Some essential oils are not recommended for use during pregnancy, so please check the specific ingredient prior to using the item and talk to your doctor when using an essential oil rich item.
Our ingredients are all sourced from top quality small batch farms with ultimate efficacy and top quality potency. We take great pride with our partners and what we put in our products is super important to us. Please see ABOUT > INGREDIENTS & SOURCING for more information.
Never. We love animals and have a few ourselves! Rather, we love to get feedback from our fellow people that test the products for us before we launch. We ensure that none of the ingredients we buy are ever tested on animals as well, since unfortunately, so many companies do.
All our products are either made with pure essential oils, fruit/plant derived flavor oils or plant infusions, to scent, which add extra benefits in addition to the aroma. "Fragrance", "Parfum" and any synthetic man made ingredients are components we never use in our formulas.
Yes, we do! Every formula that you purchase and use has years of love and research put in it.
We are a two sister team and do everything from conception, formulation, to design and finished product. We even hand pack each and every order, personally.
Every unit is made freshly out of top quality ingredients to give you the ultimate formula.
We handcraft our luxuries in our beautiful studio lab in London, Ontario, Canada.
We are a two person business making all the products fresh from scratch! We do our very best to have all orders shipped ASAP when they are received.

Our average fulfillment time is 1 week, but can differ depending on order size. During this difficult pandemic, the borders being closed has caused us to not be able to source some of our most commonly used packaging from our US suppliers, as well as many bottles etc. being listed out of stock for months. Due to this, we are facing many delays when getting packaging and ingredients. We are doing our best to fulfill as soon as possible but please note there might be a delay :) Thank you!
Most US & Canada orders will get shipped by UPS, unless otherwise selected, or if Canada Post has a better option. Please ship to a NON PO BOX address for the best shipping experience. If you are interested in a specific method, or a custom quote, please contact us.

Sample orders will be shipped via Canada Post / USPS Lettermail.
For details, please see ABOUT > RETURNS & POLICIES.

If the product is mildly used we will accept a return within 20 days of purchase time minus our cost to ship. Please email or contact us with your order number and a picture of the product if you would like to issue a return for a product. We are always here to make sure that you find the product you are most happy with and cannot wait to help!
We ship worldwide! Please see ABOUT > SHIPPING for shipping details. Please note, the prices are a set amount so if you're looking for a custom method or precise quote, feel free to contact us.
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