How it's made


We love to be transparent about how our products are made from start to finish.

Here we show the crafting of one of our beautiful, botanical facial balms.

The Selection

All of our ingredients are sourced for the best quality from small, fair trade companies. We love to partner with small business that work as hard as we do to make sure their product is as fresh and high quality as can be.

The Combination

Like artisanal foods, our products are made in small, hand blended batches, to ensure every product is the best quality and made fresh for your order. Waxes, oils, butters & extracts are carefully combined in a gentle process without destroying volatile components.

The Results

The final product, a divine, 100% natural, truly effective final creation that is made fresh for you in our lab is now complete. We bottle it, label it and package it into a box. We add a beautiful note to thank you for choosing our creation. Then we send it off to you, for you to indulge in our raw luxury.
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