Italian Herbs Wooden Wick Soy Lotion Candle

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This 100% natural, Wooden Wick Soy Lotion Candle is a heavenly blend of the purest oils that transform into a nutritious and fragrant lotion. The decadence and relaxing nature of the aromatic candle creates a serene period of "you" time. Lay back as the wooden wick crackles away and natural aroma wafts into the air. After extinguishing the Canadian Wooden Wick and letting candle cool, melted lotion candle can then be applied as a super moisturizing warm lotion or massage oil. 
This product is:
• 100% Natural
• Vegan
• Cruelty Free
• Made in Canada
• Made with certified organic ingredients
This product DOES NOT contain: mineral oil, fragrances, paraffin, beeswax, synthetic candle colorants, parabens and any other synthetic ingredients.
Best for: All skin types.
Product Size: 15 oz / 425 g
Use within: 24 months of opening. 
The scent: Basil, peppermint and rosemary picked fresh from the garden and blended into an invigorating and revitalizing aroma.
Directions: Light wooden wick and enjoy the aroma! Follow burning instructions. When using as a lotion, after candle wick is extinguished and wax pool is cool, apply generously to skin and massage in until absorbed. 
Comes in: A recyclable, luxury thick wall glass candle jar with resealable cap.
(* = Certified Organic) Ingredients: *Vegan & Kosher Certified Soy Wax, Oryza sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Tocopherol (Pure Vitamin E), *Ocimum basilicum (Basil) Oil, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Essential Oil, Wooden Candle Wick (Made in Canada).


PURE SOY WAX: Good, old-fashioned, earth grown soybeans were used to create all our environmentally friendly EcoSoya™ waxes. EcoSoya™ CB-Advanced Soy, and
PB are further enhanced with the finest carefully selected botanical oils giving them their performance characteristics. 


RICE BRAN OIL: Full of antixoidants, vitamins B and E, and wonderful natural emollients, this ingredient not only hydrates skin, but protects from UV rays and helps ward off the signs of aging. 


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    Posted by Sonia Tess on 18th Jan 2017

    I never tried a lotion candle before. In fact, the whole idea kind of scared me. I got this as a gift so I kinda had to try it and boy was I wrong! It melts into the loveliest warm massage oil and makes for the most amazing treat. LOVE :)