Tips on Healthy Eating

Posted by Ariel Emerald on 15th Feb 2014

It’s like they say…We are what we eat. Our skin health and general internal health is greatly affected by the food that we consume on a daily basis. This is why it is SO important to have proper nutritious intake on a daily basis. Trust me, your general health will benefit from it. Today, we are going to share some awesome tips with you on how to eat your healthiest.

Tip #1:

Buy local and organic!

From farmers markets to local berry farms, it is really not to hard to find allot of the foods you need. Unfortunately allot of local food is seasonal but you can still manage and discover some great and delicious finds.


Tip #2

Grow your own!

Even if you are a busy person, planting a few berry bushes really gets a harvest going on a yearly basis. Now just imagine also having tomatoes, potatoes and broccoli.


Tip #3

Eat weeds!!!

Yes, it’s true….Everything from Dandelions to chickweed to burdock.
Many of these plants (make sure no pesticides are used) that normally are hated on are actually perfect greens. Add them to a salad or even think about frying them lightly with olive oil.

Tip #4

Skip the sugar.

We get plenty in our fruit so instead of going for cake, blend yourself a berry smoothie. Your health and taste buds will thank you.


Tip #5

Eat Slowly.

That way your body will really be intact with the idea of fullness and you will be less likely to over eat. Also, spend the time enjoying those delicious greens.

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